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Top Wedding Color Trends for 2013

“What are your wedding colors?” It’s one of the first things you’ll be hearing when you announce your engagement. And you probably have already dreamt of your wedding, and its colors, since you first attended one as a child. But things change, and colors come in and out of style.
To keep your wedding up-to-date you may want to re-evaluate your plan and take a look at some of this year’s hottest trends. Not only are they gorgeous and are selected by top designers and color trend experts like Pantone, but it makes it easier to find bridesmaids’ dresses and accessories in your colors when you choose something that’s already popular.
Vintage is still hot this year. The top color of the 30’s and 40’s themed wedding is gold. Gold can be seen in everything from dresses and attire, to decor and invitations. Gold makes a perfect accent color to set off another shade or looks excellent by itself. Soft pinks tend to complement gold well for a vintage themed wedding.
Other colors for this year tend to be brighter and reflect citrus or floral tones. Another emerging trend-if you can’t decide on one, pick them all! Rainbow weddings are back in style. This is a great option for those who would like to offer their attendants a choice in their attire and not force everyone to look like clones.

Another option is to select one color and then add a layer of dimension by incorporating all hues and shades of depth within that color. Deeper shades to pastels within the same tonal family add a look of sophistication and a crisp feel, yet isn’t so monotone that it becomes boring.
So what colors ARE hot this year? There’s something to please every bride’s taste.
Mint- Mint green is back! You’ve seen it in your old family photo albums from the 1960’s and 70’s. But there’s a reason it was popular. It’s light and clean and looks beautiful on a cake of in a floral bouquet.
Hot Pink- This never seems to go out of style. Hot pink sets off so many other shades and works as a perfect accent for more subdued hues. Pair it with other citrus shades like oranges or yellows for a bright and happy feel, perfect for a wedding day!
Monaco Blue- Somewhere between navy and royal lies “Monaco blue”. Perfect for seaside or nautical-themed weddings, this shade is stellar when paired with crisp, clean whites or set off with a brighter shade.
Nectarine- This delicious hue is perfect for the outdoor wedding. Fresh and fun, this color can be used everywhere including the dessert buffet. Imagine how tasty and stylish a table of fresh fruit and drinks will look at your reception with this lovely hue.
Poppy Red- This spicy little number is for those of you who want to jazz things up. It’s somewhere between red and orange, and has everything great about each of them. Pair this with a more subtle shade to make it pop!
Grayed Jade- Grayed Jade is like ocean breezes, misty sea air, and natural beauty. It looks like it was absolutely created to be perfect for the beach wedding, or for anyone wanting to bring the beauty and feel of the beach inland. It’s somewhere between a downplayed ocean blue and a soft gray.
Dusk Blue- A sophisticated shade of a soft sky blue, but with a little more depth, this popular tone is chic and understated. Used alone for a simple and clean look or paired with something brighter as an accent, this shade has a lot of options.
Emerald- More like a Caribbean ocean, emerald is in intoxicating shade of green that makes you want to dive in! This color also seems to be hand-picked to grace the beachfront wedding. Or help bring the beach to your inland wedding for those of you who won’t be travelling but love the feel of that sweet sea air!
Linen- Simply put, for a simple color, linen is classy and elegant. Pair it with anything or use it alone to focus on its natural sophistication.
African Violets- A more traditional wedding color, African violets looks like it should be as fragrant as it is lovely. This shade can easily be incorporated into the floral arrangements and bouquets to really add to your overall decor. And your bridesmaids will love this shade for their gowns.
Tender Shoots- This shade is like a cross between pear and celery. It’s soft but still has a great presence of its own. Cool and refreshing, this color is perfect for the summer wedding.
Lemon Zest- This is the sunniest of all the shades. You can almost taste the citrus. Serve fresh lemonade at your reception to enjoy this cheery tone. What a bright and fun way to celebrate your big day!
There are many options to make your wedding day glow with just the right colors for you. Whether you choose simple sophistication or something brighter and more sassy, you’re going to love how your colors “set the tone” for your special day.
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